Data Collection Programs

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Alternate Values
Orbit Traps

Data Collection Programs Overview

Data Collection Programs are similar to Base Equations in that they are called during the Fractal Science Kit fractal iteration. Unlike the Base Equations, however, they do not change the orbit point but simply collect data related to it. This makes it possible to combine Data Collection Programs with Base Equations in different ways to generate many interesting results.

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator supports 2 different types of Data Collection Programs:

Both of these program types are associated only with Mandelbrot Fractals. Alternate Values watch the orbit iteration and collect statistics that later can be mapped to colors by the controllers. Orbit Traps maintain a set of geometric objects located on the complex plane, and keep statistics related to how close the orbit points come to these objects. In point of fact, Orbit Traps are a type of Alternate Value but they are important enough to warrant special treatment.


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