Schottky Group

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Schottky Group Examples

Fractal: Schottky Group

Schottky's World
Schottky Group 03

Fractal: Schottky Group

Schottky's Garland
Schottky Group 04

Fractal: Schottky Group

Schottky's Necklace
Schottky Group 12

Fractal: Schottky Group

Schottky's Star
Schottky Group 13

The Schottky Group examples are based on an Orbit Trap called Schottky Group. The Schottky Group is a stand-alone fractal. It is implemented as an Orbit Trap so it can take advantage of Orbit Trap related features in the Fractal Science Kit, but it does not need the normal orbit processing; i.e., I set the Max Dwell property found in the Orbit Trap Orbit Generation section on the Mandelbrot / Julia / Newton page, to 1, eliminating the normal orbit processing.

Schottky Group fractals, and the methods used to produce them, are described in the excellent book Indra's Pearls - The Vision of Felix Klein by David Mumford, Caroline Series, and David Wright. For additional details, see David Wright's Indra's Pearls site.


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